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The brand new Softloader 3 for all brands from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.
The new Softloader 3 comes with a number of new features and replace both the old Softloader 1 and the Softloader 2.
Benefits of the new Softloader 3
- Increased screen resolution
- Increased memory allow up to 5 different files to be stored in the device
- Change between all available tuning stages without the need of a PC.
- Touch screen provides an superb step-by step operation and give you confidence and security as a user.
- Easy Plug & Play intallation
- Tune your car in just minutes
- One tool for all brands
- Special function to read and erase dtc codes
(dtc codes are now visible in the screen, not only erased as in previus versions)
- Change between your tuned software and the stock software in minutes.